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Attend Your Course in an Instructor Led Classroom

Our expert instructors, superior content, computerized classrooms and professional software provide excellent face-to-face training. 40% or more of your class time is devoted to hands-on exercises and course activities incorporating live market data. This practical experience will help you apply your new skills immediately when you trade and invest on your own.

At Invest Academy courses, every attendee is supplied with a PC for their sole use to perform a wide range of training activities. PLUS, you will have opportunities to collaborate with your neighboring classmates during the hands-on exercises, which our experience has shown, helps you complete the exercises with greater speed and with enhanced depth of learning.


  • Personalized attention in a small classroom setting (Up to 10 students per class).
  • Learn from our dedicated team of tutors, all of whom are experienced professional investors and/or traders.
  • Train in a comfortable environment conducive to proficient learning.
  • Gain hands-on experience utilizing live market data.
  • Learn how to use a professional trading platform as well as technical analysis software.
  • Interact face-to-face with peers and expert instructors.
  • Benefit from the synergy and sharing of ideas and knowledge with fellow students.
  • Network with like-minded investors in the classroom.
  • Experience New York City, the financial center of the world, including its dynamic "business atmosphere" during the day and exhilarating entertainment activities at night.


We have spent hundreds of hours creating each course we teach. The charts, case studies and exercises we give to students are all custom-made, designed by our team to teach the student in a professional and organized manner.

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